• HOOPS 4 life

    Basketball to help young people develop life skills



    Hoops 4 Life is an introductory and skills development basketball program for 8-17 year-old girls and boys.


    The program started in Adelaide's northern suburbs in 2005 with a group of 30 kids. Since then more than 2,000 young people have taken part.


    The Hoops 4 Life basketball program has grown to be offered as an engagement strategy in an increasing number of schools, with an intensive program also offered for disengaged youth and young offenders.


    More than 600 players have gone on from the program to play SA District basketball, while others have travelled to the USA to pursue basketball, academic and professional dreams.


    We provide a safe and supportive environment for young people to develop their personal skills while enjoying the game of basketball. Players are grouped according to their experience and given coaching during the game to assist their development. We train and compete every week.


    If your child wants to try the sport for the first time, or develop their skills for other competitions, Hoops 4 Life caters for all abilities. You can sign up individually or as a whole team.


    As an incorporated body, we are able to offer several benefits to families by accessing grants to support our players.


    We train and compete at the John McVeity Centre, 182 Peachey Road, Smithfield Plains.


    For more information and to get involved, please contact:


    Tony Moore

    0417 404 778



  • HOOPS 4 Life Development Fund

    Support our program to purchase equipment, uniforms and gear for a number of less fortunate young people in our communities

    Donate Through the Australian Sports Foundation

    Your donations can make a world of difference

    HOOPS 4 Life delivers a safe, fun and inclusive competitive basketball competition for a number of young people and their families who due to a number of variables can't afford to participate in community sporting events. Although we host several families who can afford to have their children participate, there are so many more who can't. Our program is also delivered in schools and youth detention centres as a means of assisting to curve their behaviours and attitudes through the learning they experience in the game.


    These intensive programs have proven to be very successful in engaging and assisting in creating positive changes in the behaviour and academic performance of participating youth. This has stretched the resources of our organisation, as the need to deliver a transitional program that allows young people from detention centres and schools to continue their development in our open program increases every week.

      Please support our vital programs by making a tax deductible donation today!


      Go to https://asf.org.au/make-donation/hoops-4-life-development-fund to make your contribution.


      The goals of the Hoops 4 Life program are to:

      • Build young people's skills in critical thinking and problem-solving
      • Strengthen positive norms and behaviours
      • Engage in interactive and challenging examination of beliefs and biases that stand in the way of healthy attitudes and actions
      • Help change negative behaviours before young people put themselves at risk
      • Create safe and healthy environments that are memorable, valuable and fun for kids

      Why sport?

      Sport provides a great foundation which is embraced and understood by young people everywhere. Sport provides opportunities to everyone, regardless of race, culture, nationality or economic circumstances. Hoops 4 Life uses basketball because it's not only exciting, it also provides a platform to:

      • Encourage healthy competition amongst peers
      • Build self-esteem and social integration
      • Help erase racial boundaries
      • Unite young people and adults from different backgrounds and cultures
      • Help develop trust among young people
      • Discuss crucial issues that affect young people's lives every day
      • Channel young people's passion
      • Provide educational opportunities
      • Create a safe environment to develop and practice social skills which will be an asset for the rest of their lives

      Ann McPhee


      My son commenced with the program 3 years ago & has grown immensely in
      his skill base, confidence & outlook. After suffering a serious physical
      injury and then subsequently suffering emotionally, he came back to
      basketball and felt very supported by coaches & organisers. His passion for
      the sport grew as well as his desire to succeed. The encouragement, support
      & trust shown by coaches helped my son grow not only with his basketball
      skills but also emotionally. My son & I lost his Dad to cancer 9 years ago & basketball & the Hoops 4 Life program helped to fill an emptiness my son had & provided a strong and positive male influence that had been absent for some time. The Hoops 4 Life Program has been very beneficial for my son & he has gained some life skills as well as becoming a decent basketball player. Very grateful to the program, organisers & in particular to Tony for his encouragement of Camron. Thank you all so much.

      Leesa Vlahos

      MP, Member for Taylor

      On the Monday night that I was there I took great pleasure in presenting some trophies to two young adults who have overcome a great deal and shown excellent leadership skills at the club recently. One of the young men that I presented a trophy to had overcome a lifelong disability to participate in the program and recognised that it was changing his life, and that of his parents and grandparents, and that it had, indeed, saved his life in many ways. Another newly arrived young person took it upon himself to coordinate and manage a team of friends each week during school-term-based competitions, and he was recognised that Monday night with a special trophy to encourage his leadership. I would like to put on the record my thanks and sincere belief in Hoops 4 Life for their dedication, compassion, good humour and respect for the young people and families of the north.

      Jenny Ridley


      We want to formally thank you for the amazing talent and coaching you've offered to Benjamin and his team. We wish you well with all your endeavours with the kids of the district. You offer a very friendly and worthwhile opportunity for young kids to hone
      their skills.

      Libby West


      In addition to physical development, I have enjoyed watching my son's personal confidence grow since being involved with the Hoops 4 Life Basketball Program. 1-1 on support and guidance from coaches has been invaluable in assisting him to learn the basic fundamentals of basketball in a healthy, competitive environment.

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